In the fall of 2011 we read the book ”Half the sky”, by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. We were dismayed, angry and concerned at the same time. The feeling was that if we, from an enormously privileged area are not trying to get involved to influence its bad. When you read the book so you can follow a thread – if we all just had more knowledge and a greater ability to understand one another the world could look different. Well, maybe it’s not that simple – but knowledge and education is certainly one of the most important factors for creating change. So what can we do? If we can plant the seed to our own children that engagement and understanding is important then we can hopefully contribute to that they will spread it further. It became the start of the association School2School

The project Vasakolan- Cambodia
A joint project between School2School and Vasaskolan in Djursholm. The project aims to enrich the children in Vasaskolan and the sister school in Cambodia. The project also aims to develop a model of social engagement in Swedish schools.

School2School – S2S
School2School is a non-profit association started in 2012. S2S basic idea is that education is a key factor in changing people’s lives around the world. We can help to make a difference for children in need and in our own children’s lives. Through knowledge and communication the children are given the opportunity to influence each other’s future.

S2S is to finance the start of the school in Cambodia, and to work long term with activities to further develop and make the school self-sufficient. S2S drives the funding process and project management cooperation between Vasa skolan, the school in Cambodia, and the organization AAFC Rural School Project.
Vasaskolan’s role is to engage students by using the project as part of the teaching programme at Vasaskolan. Where entrepreneurial learning play an important role. The goal is to give students an additional dimension of the knowledge they are expected to obtain under the curriculum. Teachers will weave in and connect knowledge about the project and Cambodia differently in mainstream education. The children work in the school to use their knowledge to understand how they can affect. Children in Vasaskolan and children in Cambodia will be given the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with each other.

Why Cambodia?
School2School came in contact with AAFC and Bernie Krisher through the book, “Half The Sky” . AAFC provides community-based support, infrastructure, school construction and established contacts with the Cambodian authorities. It considers S2S be an important success factor for the project. School2Schools starting point has been a land of great need for schools for children, which is true for Cambodia. We feel that S2S has strong support from AAFC and Bernie contributing to faster come to start to realize the project. So therefore it became Cambodia!

World Assistance for Cambodia (WAfC) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving opportunities for the youth and rural poor
in Cambodia. In 1999, AAFC began its Rural Schools Project, which allows private donors to build a rural school with matching funds. More than 475 enriched schools have been built in rural Cambodia.

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